Podcasts of Gothic Day talks

GD (5 of 116)‘Introduction and Gothic Cultures’, Serena Trowbridge



GD (8 of 116)‘Taming the Shrew: Contemporary Art on Gothic’, Grace Williams



GD (13 of 116)‘Sanserif: the face of the grotesque and the gothic’, David Osbaldestin



GD (37 of 116)‘The Gothic in Outer Space: Building Castles in the Sky’, Tom Knowles



GD (25 of 116)‘Contemporary Gothic: Poems by Gregory Leadbetter’




GD (54 of 116)‘Narratives of Dress – A Beautiful Life, a Beautiful Death’, Louise Chapman



GD (44 of 116)‘Music and Monsters: revisiting the Gothic in television’s Hemlock Grove’, Steve Halfyard



GD (62 of 116)New Gothic Writing (Charlotte Newman, Abigail Cooper, Joanna Packwood, Bex Price)



GD (79 of 116)‘The Gothic Turn in Contemporary Poetry’, Derek Littlewood




GD (72 of 116)‘Medieval Architecture and the Gothic Revival’, Christian Frost



GD (81 of 116)‘Putting the black into blackberry jam: The Gothic Valley WI’, Madeleine Pearce



GD (85 of 116)‘Copy Gothic: Experiments in Contemporary Gothic’, Alessandro Columbano



GD (99 of 116)Gothic and Victorian Sensation Fiction, Anne-Marie Beller




GD (92 of 116)‘The Relevance of Ruskin: Towards a New Gothic Architecture’, Luke Nagle



GD (95 of 116)‘Gothic for Children: The Case of The Graveyard Book’, Sarah Wood



GD (104 of 116)‘David Lynch: Bringing Horror Home’, Lucy Fraser




GD (116 of 116)‘Standing on the Outside: The Outsider in Modern Gothic’, Steve Cotterill


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