Gothic Day Schedule

Here is our final programme for event this Saturday, 2nd May! Looking forward to seeing you there.

Gothic Day, Saturday 2nd May 2015, Library of Birmingham

(Floor 4: HLS, Bookbox), 10.00 – 4.30

HLS (60) Bookbox (40)
10.00-10.25 ‘Gothic Cultures’ (welcome and introduction), Serena Trowbridge
10.30-10.55 ‘Taming the Shrew: Contemporary Art on Gothic’, Grace Williams (Chair: Bex Price) ‘Sanserif: the face of the grotesque and the gothic’, David Osbaldestin (Chair: Lucy Fraser)
11.00-11.25 ‘The Gothic in Outer Space: Building Castles in the Sky’, Tom Knowles (Chair: Holly Cooper) ‘Contemporary Gothic: Poems by Gregory Leadbetter’ (Chair: Sophie Clarke)
11.30-11.55 Break
12.00-12.25 ‘Narratives of Dress – A Beautiful Life, a Beautiful Death’, Louise Chapman (Chair: Madeleine Pearce) ‘Coming Out as Werewolf’, Lisa Metherell (Chair: Grace Williams)
12.30-12.55 New Gothic Writing (Charlotte Newman, Abigail Cooper, Joanna Packwood, Bex Price) (Chair: Gregory Leadbetter) ‘Music and Monsters: revisiting the Gothic in television’s Hemlock Grove’, Steve Halfyard (Chair: Derek Littlewood)
13.00-13.55 Lunch
14.00-14.25 ‘The Gothic Turn in Contemporary Poetry’, Derek Littlewood (Chair: Charlotte Newman) ‘Medieval Architecture and the Gothic Revival’, Christian Frost (Chair: Tom Knowles)
14.30-14.55 ‘Putting the black into blackberry jam: The Gothic Valley WI’, Madeleine Pearce (Chair: Serena Trowbridge) ‘Copy Gothic: Experiments in Contemporary Gothic’, Alessandro Columbano (Chair: Tom Knowles)
15.00-15.25 Gothic and Victorian Sensation Fiction, Anne-Marie Beller (Chair: Jessica Smith) ‘The Relevance of Ruskin: Towards a New Gothic Architecture’, Luke Nagle (Chair: Rebecca Lovell)
15.30-15.55 ‘Gothic for Children: The Case of The Graveyard Book’, Sarah Wood (Chair: Keiran Hennion) ‘David Lynch: Bringing Horror Home’, Lucy Fraser (Chair: Jordan-Elliot Rainsford)
16.00-16.30 ‘Standing on the Outside: The Outsider in Modern Gothic’, Steve Cotterill (Chair: Lesley Gabriel) ‘What is Gothic?’ discussion session (Students from the School of English) (Chair: Serena Trowbridge)
Adjourn to pub. All welcome.

Please note: no refreshments are provided – bring your own, or visit the Library café.


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